about 17 hours ago

Get your hack on in ~ 3 days!!!

Hello dear hackers, 

Its almost time to get your hack on!!! In less than 3 days, you will solve interesting problems, learn new skills and make new connections while helping local, national and international nonprofits solve some tough challenges.

Please review the refined problem statements from the nonprofits. Also, please take a look at the schedule for the event.

Check In for the Hackathon is Saturday 8.00 am at 2161 N.First St, San Jose.

We are excited to bring this hack together, and the nonprofits are excited to work with all of you in solving their challenges.

Let us connect, build

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5 days ago

Sign in to SLACK to complete registration

Please complete your registration to the hackathon by signing in to SLACK at https://join.slack.com/t/opportunity-hack/signup/ You should've received an invitation already. If you haven't please reach out to info@opportunity-hack.org

7 days ago

Mentor for the Opportunity Hack!

Looking for ways to make an impact to the industry and the community you belong to?  Ready to learn more about yourself and expand you own horizons?  Here’s an opportunity for you to accomplish above aspirations:  Mentor for the Opportunity Hack!

As a mentor, you will lead teams working on interesting problems for local nonprofits with national and international impact.

  1. Serve as an advisor, coach, role model and confidante for hack participants.
  2. Discuss implementation design and provide a strategy to achieve the milestone
  3. Share your knowledge, expertise and experience
  4. Guide participants with onsite and technical resources such as libraries, frameworks,…

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18 days ago

Welcome to Opportunity Hack 2018!

Hello All,

Welcome to Opportunity Hack 2018!

Thank you for registering!

Hope you all are excited to participate at the hack, as much as we are to be hosting you at the event.

You can see the list of nonprofit organizations that you will be partnering with on the home page. Please take a closer look at their problem statements and think about what resonates with you the most and where you think you want to contribute and make a difference.
You will hear more about the problems from the nonprofits themselves, when they will pitch to you at the…

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